cheryl mount

The Guitar Project at the McMichael Gallery

Seven master guitar makers were commissioned by the McMichael Gallery to create eight guitars, one for each of the Group of Seven members and Tom Thomson. The luthiers each paid homage to their respective artist and collaborated on Tom Thomson’s guitar.  The exhibition includes the plans, photos, videos of the work in progress, videos of the guitars being played by musicians and the creations themselves.

I loved the layering of art, craftsmanship, and music.  The gallery hosted concerts to honour the luthiers and to show off the wonderful exhibit.  I was there for the group presentation by the luthiers discussing the Tom Thomson guitar.  Steven Fearing, a Canadian folksinger-sonwriter, was there to give us a wonderful experience listening to this special musician and guitar.  It was interesting to listen to him discuss the difficulty of playing a baritone guitar and he was excited at the opportunity.  Loved it!

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