cheryl mount

Guillermo del Toro exhibit at AGO

“I find that most art is alchemy.  Certainly, film is alchemy.  You are creating something transcendental and pure and beautiful out of a lot of vile matter, which is what alchemists did.  They took common metals, like lead, and elevated them into a metal that they thought sublime, eternal: gold.” – Guillermo del Toro

This is an interesting exhibition of del Toro’s collection including objects from films, comics, fairy tales, etc.  It shows his obsession with magic and the occult, beginning in childhood, creating the feeling of being an outsider. He aligned with the horror genre and this gave him subjects he could sympathize with.

I found the exhibit interesting, even without the connection to the horror film genre personally, as it portrays an artist dedicated to his craft through personal identification.  This personal voice is what makes each art form unique to the artist and relevant to the viewer who identifies with it.


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